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built for speed.

We love interacting and collaborating with the wider clogging community and last year, we did the Aussie Clog Choreo Chain.


This year, we are inviting anyone who is interested to join us in performing Built For Speed at Aussie Clog 2020. The plan is for you to learn the routine through our videos, come to Aussie Clog where we will have a workshop to put the performance together and then finally, perform it on the Saturday night.

Cue Sheet and Music is available here :

Teach videos available below however if you would like to download them onto your computer, they are also in the link above.

Let us know if you're interested so we can include you on any group chats, and of course, get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions or you would like us to provide a more detailed breakdown of anything. 

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performance @ storm king.

the journey so far.

teach videos.

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